Here's our main activities. With a core team of artists and researchers, we work as well on interaction and physical interfaces. Papertronics is at the crossroad of education, research, art and product design.


We developped our first projects for museums, and won an award for the best interactive installation at TIFF DigiPlaySpace in 2016. Then the visual magic of Papertronics keeped on amazing people and showing its potential to link people together, through really fun and constructive moments.

Now we regularly organise interactive events in the field of art (opening parties, exhibitions), research, education, and business (team building, commercial booths).



From children to professionals, we are experts at teaching interactive design and creativity through a totally unique physical approach to interaction. Democratic, fun, and totally mind constructive. 

Papertronics is the best brain exercise for creative professionals. And, it’s also super social. For instance, with Flippaper you’ll have to use at the sametime your scenarist, artist, and technical skills to make a fun and working game. This is perfect alone or together in a team.

At an expert level, we can hold long creative workshops involving coding and building a physical project, as we did with Eniarof at NRW Forum, Dusseldorf.

Papertronics also has a ready-to-use solution, Papertronics Kit, including all the hardware and software needed  to organise a workshop or a creative event in a school or a library.


We have developed a very unique approach of interaction, that is totally linked with physical experience. We believe more than anyone else into the power of a good interface to link people together in a very fun and intuitive way. That’s why we put as much energy in interaction design as in physical object design. 

Thanks to Papertronics core "PTX SYSTEM" we can develop a wide range of applications and products based on color and shape recognition. We also do product prototyping and consulting including software & hardware and respond with cutting edge interactive solutions. We can also work on special requests of installations for corporate events.