Papertronics Kit

En plein développement actuellement dans nos ateliers, le kit Papertronics permet de tester directement la magie de l'interaction sur papier avec un kit clés en mains, simple et transportable, basée sur la technologie Papertronics. Il permet par exemple d'enseigner le gamedesign à des classes d'enfants ou à toutes sortes de publics, directement sur papier avec des feutres, sans même avoir à taper une ligne de code. Papertronics permet déjà d'utiliser plusieurs applications dont Micro Game Family, Space Wall, ou encore FlipFamily (adaptaion de Flippaper, award de la meilleur installation numérique à TIFF Digiplay Space, Toronto). (...)

Hotest projects

Micro Game Factory 

Back from the 80's and further, Micro Game Factory now allows you to design games in the like...


The Last Okonomiyaki Island

Quick, get behind that onion! Can't you see he's shooting at you? You see, this is no game here, you...



First there was Flippaper, a project between a drafting table and a pinball. Use color markers...


Next events

2017 - June 3-4th    The Last Okonomiyaki Island, Nantes Food Forum, Nantes

2017 - May 30th   Papertronics FlipFamily, Addon2017, Rennes

2017 - May 11-14th    Ghost Face with Roman Miletitch at Hold up sur le 214, Brest

2017 - May 12-13th   Bookniarof, sortie du livre Eniarof, Montreuil

2017 - May 4-5th   Papertronics workshop at la HEAR, Strasbourg

2017 - April 13-16th   Flippaper & Papertronics at Gamers Assembly with Le Lieu Multiple, Poitiers

2017 - April 26-29th   Flippaper, A.Maze, Berlin

2017 - March 18th    Jeux vidéos & jeux d’écriture graphique / Oujevipo, Maison des arts plastiques, Chevilly

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About Papertronics

Interact with physical surfaces!

Flippaper and Papertronics in Poitiers at Le Lieu Multiple

Papertronics is an art, science, and interaction lab by Roman Miletitch and Jérémie Cortial, based on paper and materiality. Seeking for deeper humanity through technology.

We developed Papertronics Tech to interact with physical surfaces and colors, aiming to a particularly intuitive and direct approach to interaction. All hapens directly on the paper, with real feeling and magic.

After the smash hit Flippaper (TIFF KIDS 2016 Au- dience Choice Award ) that turns any drawing into real pinball videogames, Papertronics expends its field to other researches and interactive experiments, and release its technology to people interested in developping their own projects.

Papertronics is also the simpliest way ever to teach gamedesign, so we are designing a ready to use a Papertronics Kit for easy setup in short exhibitions or to experiment on physcial interaction in a workshop.

They talked about us, worked with us, or they are just our lovely parteners.